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Facebook Business Extension (FBE) 2.0 Installation


Set your business up for success with our partner integrations

Use Facebook Business Extension (FBE) to connect your SHOPLINE account to Facebook. Without any coding required, FBE helps streamline your business across your SHOPLINE website and Facebook channels, tapping on Facebook business tools to further scale your business. 



Easily synchronise product info on your Facebook Shop

Easily synchronise product data between your SHOPLINE store and your Facebook Shop right from SHOPLINE’s admin system. In turn, allowing the use of other Facebook business tools a combination of Facebook Shop, dynamic ads and other business tools to effectively use Facebook as a sales channel.


Develop new customer groups

Use the powerful functions of Facebook tools to connect and target new audiences and find potential customers.


Effectively measure advertising results

Enjoy the benefits of Facebook’s Conversions API, which enables sufficient customer data analysis to better measure and build effective digital advertising efforts.


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