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Delivery and Payment Setup



Video Segments

  • Partner with SHOPLINE integrated logistic partners (0:13)
  • Add a custom delivery option (0:29)
  • Specify delivery date and time (0:36
  • Set up payment options (2:10)
  • Add a custom payment option(2:40)
  • Add cash on delivery option (2:53)
  • Add bank transfer option (3:03)
  • Exclude a delivery option from payment (3:25)


Pro tip: Get started with non-integrated payment methods while setting up integrated payment for future convenience and scaling of business

Payment Options

Setting up non-integrated payment method

On the admin panel, navigate to Payment Options under Settings.

  1. Click Add to add your payment options.
  2. Under Payment Type select your preferred payment type to set up.
  3. If there’s a payment fee that you want to pass to or share with your customers, you can indicate here.
  4. Fill up the the details accordingly.

  5. Tick the boxes to exclude the delivery options from this payment method.

  6. Remember to click Add to save


Setting integrated payment method

Before setting this up, you would require a few things:

  1. Make sure your web page has been designed properly
  2. Make sure these pages are set up:
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Returns and Refunds 

How to apply for Shopline Payment? How to apply for Omise?

Click here to apply for our integrated delivery.

Pro tip: Have a mix of integrated & non-integrated delivery options according to your needs

Delivery Options

Setting up integrated delivery method 

Step 1: Apply here.

Step 2: Click Apply Now under your preferred integrated delivery provider.

Step 3: Fill up the form.

Step 4: Approval will take 1-2 working days. Once approved, navigate to Delivery Options under Settings.

Step 5: Click Publish to activate.


Setting up non-integrated delivery method 

  1. Click Add to add your delivery option.
  2. Select Delivery Type. 
  3. Switch these on if you would like customers to select their preferred delivery dates and timings (not applicable with Fast Checkout). 
  4. If Specified Date is switched on, enter the lead time and the selectable day length.
    Lead Time – number of days from order placed to first selectable order date.
    Selectable Day Length – number of days that you open for customers to place orders. For example:
    Let’s say customer places an order today (Monday). This means that the first date the item can be delivered out on is 2 days from Monday (Wednesday). This means that there are 3 days for the customer to select: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.If Specified Timeslot is switched on, indicate the timeslots that are available for delivery.
  5. Fill up the details accordingly.
  6. Select your Delivery Fee Type – either by flat price or by order weight. 
  7. Set the flat fee if flat price is selected.
  8. Add the shipping zones.
  9. Find and select the applicable countries.
  10. Lastly, click Add to save.


For more details, go to the article on logistics setup and payment setup in


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