Exclusive! SHOPLINE Smart Ads System – 4 Major Functions to Bring Conversion & Traffic

SHOPLINE Smart Ads System – 4 Major Functions to Bring Conversion & Traffic

Marketing technology (Martech) is not unfamiliar to e-commerce sellers, yet with relatively few practical applications. With the strong rise in accompanying AI machine learning, enhanced consumer shopping experience through automated marketing has become one of the mainstream e-commerce developments of the future. On that note, SHOPLINE is leading at the forefront in launching an exclusive Smart Ads System that manages your Facebook Ads account through AI, with automatic performance and real-time data feedback optimization to enable your brand to ride the Martech wave.


According to Scott Brinker, the father of Martech, Martech will become part of mainstream marketing in the future. It integrates marketing, technology, and management; what were separate components in the past into one and thus, greatly improving the overall efficiency. This trend may trigger worries and concerns among e-commerce sellers that “Martech seems to be difficult and costly!”.  


The launch of the SHOPLINE Smart Ads System is believed to break this preconceived notion of Martech. This new system integrates advertising delivery (marketing) Artificial Intelligence (technology), product management (management) and e-commerce data (analysis) functions to create a more efficient and automated marketing option for sellers.  What kind of features and functions does this system have? Let us explore further. 


SHOPLINE Smart Ads System’s three main features to meet the requirements all at once


It’s simple: a one-stop solution to Facebook ads creation (as simple as ABC).

Remember the panic and overwhelming feeling of your first time opening the Facebook Ads Manager?  Any seller currently listing ads might recognize that starting out phase when you feel like giving up at the thought of learning the interface operations and ads placement concepts.


SHOPLINE combines a complete e-commerce admin panel with Smart Ads System integration. Not only can you list products and place Facebook Ads from the SHOPLINE platform, the intuitive and simplified interface helps novice marketers to be able to quickly publish their first ad and improve work efficiency! 


It’s fast: AI intelligently makes quick product recommendations (speed is key in advertising)

The advent of AI has brought a revolutionary influence in the field of digital marketing, through machine learning (ML) technology effectively improving the industry’s efficiency and returns.


SHOPLINE’s Smart Ads System uses Big Data to determine smart product recommendations. If you have too many product items or your marketing budget is limited, you can use Smart Ads System’s product rating recommendations to identify your best-selling products in product planning, instead of spending money to test each product. In addition, the  Smart Ads System also has a one-click tool to select among different ad formats, allowing you to quickly create diversified ads, and soon bring traffic to your online shop.

Smart product recommendation function interface (marked with star)  
Figure 1. Smart product recommendation function interface (marked with star)  


More effective: one-click to switch on Smart Switch (and manage your budget easily).

With the monitoring of advertising performance, the many performance indicators can be upsetting, and from the  Smart Ads System, it automatically closes the poorly performing ads through the AI ​​smart performance control with a click of a button to minimize advertising costs. At the same time, this system will automatically adjust according to the product inventory – automatically ending the ad when a product is out of stock hence reducing the cost that would have been spent if unmonitored.


Smart Switch for Facebook Ads

Figure 2. Smart Switch for Facebook Ads 


In addition, you can also view real-time data reports for performance  evaluation, and can combine the experience of advertising delivery team with AI, allowing brands to have more autonomic use to achieve the best effective advertising delivery combination.


What are the functions of the SHOPLINE  Smart Ads System?

After reading the three major features of the SHOPLINE  Smart Ads System, you may have a little understanding of the system. Having covered the features, what are the main functions of the AI ​​smart advertising system in combination? Before that, it might be worth considering whether you have encountered the following situations in advertising delivery. 

  • Ad Backend is complex and hard to understand
  • Unsure how to optimize your ads without experience in ad delivery
  • Unable to monitor ad performance, nor do you have the manpower to optimize each ad placement
  • No extra budget to test for best-selling products with too diverse a product offering
  • Lacking resources in content creation 

Given the above and many more situations as such, we will introduce how to solve these concerns through the four main functions of the Smart Ads System in combination with the above three features.


1. Multiple formats

SHOPLINE’s Smart Ads System covers a variety of ad formats. According to different audience, product posts (including single images, multiple images), general posts, dynamic product ad (DPA), and etc. can all be promoted, so your brand is presented through different ad formats to deliver the best promotion performance. 


2. Smart Ad Buying (Hire an ad buyer that never clocks out at a bargain price):

Smart Ads System can regulate advertising through AI. It is like an ad buyer who works for you 24 hours a day. Whether you are a busy boss or a multi-tasking marketer, you can simply monitor and optimize your ads at any time. You don’t have to worry about overspending advertising fees and products being sold out. By the same token, you can overcome your indecisiveness through the Smart Product Recommendation, which greatly reduces labor time and costs. In addition, the system generates your store’s data report in real time, and supports the export of data, making it convenient for subsequent marketing planning.


3. Content creation (make good-looking audio-visual materials even if you only know how to use Paint):

By only uploading several images, the system can create video content using the diversified video templates. Those with no design background or skills, can create their own content. Some of the content available being different from Facebook’s video templates overall provides templates that are more in-line with the e-commerce industry, so that stores can quickly make good-looking content and make more meaningful ads.

Audio-visual content template

Figure 3. Audio-visual content template

4. Multiple audiences (accurate communication to find the right person #likewhenitcomestolove):

When setting up an ad, you only need to select “attract new customers” or “retarget existing customers” as marketing goals to draw in exactly the potential customer group according to your needs. As well, you can also choose the target gender, age, interest, region, etc. of the advertising audience, type up the copy and build an ad quickly that delivers more precisely and clearly.


Reviews of the Smart Ads System?

According to SHOPLINE’s featured fashion, consumer electronics, and outdoor product merchants, nearly 10 groups of testing stores generally agree that the system is easy to operate and can effectively save their time. The average advertising delivery results also show that to attain marketing goals, the daily budget does not need to exceed US$36.

*Reminder that SHOPLINE only provides the use of Smart Ads System and personalized settings are to be set up by each seller, so there is no guarantee in how much traffic and/or orders can be brought to the store.


So where can I buy this?

In the minds of many e-commerce sellers, mentions of AI, Martech and other tools may seem costly. Or, for small sellers, there may simply be not enough manpower and budget for execution. Does this mean that Martech will never be for them?

Not to worry, the barrier to entry to SHOPLINE’s Smart Ads System is relatively accessible. Brands can top on account credit according to their budgets, please keep an eye out for announcements from the official website of SHOPLINE’s Smart Advertising System.

An Smart Ads System like this is light-weight, and is equipped with technical value. What are you waiting for? If you have a Facebook Ad delivery need, go to our website to view the plan available and place an order to start your first Smart Ad placement! GoGoGo!


Regarding the Smart Ads System, I still have questions!

After reading the introduction of the SHOPLINE Smart Ads System above, if you have further questions, please refer to the following FAQs:


[About the system]

Q1: Can the store use existing Facebook ad pixels and catalogs?

Stores can use existing Facebook ad pixels, but advertising accounts and product catalog need to be created on SHOPLINE.


Q2: Will there be any impact on using the Smart Ads System and a third-party ad agency concurrently to manage ads?

No, the store can schedule ad placements and budget allocations respectively.


Q3. If I have more than one Facebook Page to post ads for, how do I set it up?

At present, the Smart Ads System only supports “one store, one Page” for advertising delivery. 


Q4. Are orders guaranteed in using the Smart Ads System?

For advertising delivery, SHOPLINE only provides a complete set of intelligent advertising delivery tools. Traffic volume and orders that this system will bring to the seller is not guaranteed as these ads will be set up by the seller individually. As a partner, SHOPLINE will often hold seminars (such as e-commerce meet-ups, refresher workshops), consulting and other services, to provide more support and assistance in advertising technology.



Is your online store planning to deliver Facebook ads? What are you waiting for? Hurry up and try out SHOPLINE’s Smart Ads System, with AI intelligence and big data learning, etc., to create your own e-commerce empire. Let us grow together, and make the system your “smartest” partner.



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