Press Release: SHOPLINE brings AR solutions to eCommerce with Nextech AR in 2022

Transforming eCommerce with AR

SHOPLINE Merchants can now revolutionize their eCommerce capabilities with Nextech AR’s proprietary Augmented Reality technology. 


<SINGAPORE>, 14 FEBRUARY 2022 – SHOPLINE, a global smart commerce platform, is partnering with Nextech AR Solutions Corp to bring its proprietary augmented reality technology to its merchants in Singapore. This is Nextech AR’s first partnership in Singapore, giving SHOPLINE merchants access to high quality 3D/AR models for eCommerce through its scalable and easy to use AR solution, ARitize 3D. With this strategic partnership, SHOPLINE merchants will be able to transform their eCommerce business with Nextech AR’s tools, by promoting higher rates of engagement and allowing customers to personalize their own browsing experience. 


Augmented Reality – Now Made Accessible

With over 70% of Singaporean consumers more likely to purchase from a brand online if immersive technologies such as AR are part of the experience, online retailers are under pressure to find AR solutions that are accessible,simple to use, and can integrate easily into their existing eCommerce platform. SHOPLINE’s partnership with Nextech AR gives merchants access to its proprietary AR technology. 

This partnership offers an array of enhanced 3D model and AR visualizations including; product hotspots, animations, 360+ exploded views, 3D swirl ads, configurator, 3D carousel, virtual staging and room decorator through its solution ARitize 3D.


ARitize 3D – Transforming eCommerce with AR Enhancements

Nextech AR’s eCommerce enhancements transform your product page and improve customer experience. Their key features include:

  • Product Configuration – this tool changes colors, textures, and arrangement of products in real-time, boosting customer engagement as they explore various product options. 
  • Virtual Staging – Easily switch up the environment, size and angle of items without the traditional hassle of equipment, lighting, props and more.
  • 3D/AR Swirl Ads – Break through the noise of endless promotions and stand out with AR swirl ads that encourage customers to get up close and personal with your products. 
  • Product Page Carousels – Nurture customer engagement by adding 3D models to your existing image carousel, adding an interactive layer and enhancing the user experience. 


Convert More Customers with AR Ads

With the average person seeing 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements a day, the cost of obtaining

consumers’ attention has increased, making it imperative to offer engaging, impactful content. AR presents merchants a way to cut through the noise and make their advertisements more memorable and interactive, driving 85+ seconds dwell time, 20% increased interaction rates, and 33% improved CTR to purchase. 

SHOPLINE merchants will have access to Nextech AR’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered technology, which turns existing 2D images into high-quality 3D and AR models quickly and easily. 


Jeff Lim, General Manager of SHOPLINE Singapore says, “We’re thrilled to announce SHOPLINE Singapore’s partnership with Nextech AR, which marks the company’s first foray into immersive technology in Southeast Asia. The “new normal” has brought digital commerce to the forefront of retail, and at SHOPLINE, we’re constantly looking for ways we can enrich our merchants’ retail experience. 

This partnership with Nextech AR is part of SHOPLINE’s strategic initiative to constantly provide our merchants with cutting-edge digital solutions, allowing them to reach out to their customers in new and innovative ways.”


A Holistic Digital Commerce Ecosystem to Support Merchants

In addition to providing immersive technology solutions through a partnership with Nextech AR, SHOPLINE is also a full-featured platform with services including online store opening, payment and logistics services, advertising placement, marketing strategy consultation, CRM tools, retail POS system, O2O solution and more to empower merchants to succeed in omnichannel retailing, social commerce and cross-border sales. From individuals to international brands, SHOPLINE provides complete commerce solutions and customised services to support all kinds of merchants.  

SHOPLINE online store platform is designed to boost sales and handle everything from product listings, payments, shipping to marketing promotion settings. Moreover, SHOPLINE’s POS system streamlines every in-store operation including the checkout process, stock management, membership sign-ups, and even staff attendance. Giving customers an elevated shopping experience while marchant can easily implement O2O to their business and meet consumer needs.

In addition to different commerce needs, SHOPLINE also provides a full range of services and commerce solutions such as Advertising Agency Service, Smart Ads System, SHOPLINE Payments, SHOPLINE Logistics and more to give businesses everything they need to succeed in retail, and support businesses to succeed everywhere. 



Founded in 2013 and a member of the Silicon Valley-based 500 Startups accelerator in 2014, SHOPLINE is Asia’s biggest smart commerce platform, with offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, Shenzhen, and Singapore. 

SHOPLINE always prioritises its customers and aims to support brands of all sizes to achieve local and international growth together with an omnichannel presence. To date, SHOPLINE has helped over 350,000 merchants worldwide open their online stores, including well-known brands such as Durex, Bee Cheng Hiang, and Hiwalk.



About Nextech AR
Nextech AR Solutions is the engine accelerating the growth of the Metaverse. Using breakthrough AI, Nextech AR is able to quickly, easily and affordably ARitize (transform) vast quantities and varieties of existing assets at scale making products, people and places ready for interactive 3D use, giving creators at every level all the essential tools they need to build out their digital AR vision in the Metaverse.

Our platform agnostic tools allow brands, educators, students, manufacturers, creators, and technologists to create immersive, interactive and the most photo-realistic 3D assets and digital environments, compose AR experiences, and publish them omnichannel. With a full suite of end-to-end AR solutions in 3D Commerce, Education, Events, and Industrial Manufacturing, Nextech AR is in a unique position to meet the needs of the world’s biggest brands and all Metaverse contributors.




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