6 SHOPLINE Marketing Tools to Boost Your e-Commerce Sales!


The objective of marketing is to raise awareness and encourage purchases. Every once in awhile brands would offer seasonal sales and huge discounts to attract customers and to grow sales revenue. With more people went online to get the best deal on brands’ websites, e-commerce sales are growing tremendously year by year. Do you also want to ride on this wave and boost your sales in the holiday seasons? In this article, we’ll introduce you 6 tips that you can do easily with SHOPLINE to improve sales.

Add to cart instantly, don’t let your customers consider too long

When visitors are browsing your products, maybe they’ll be interested in several of your feature products on the same page. Merchants can enable the instant to add to cart feature so store visitors can add products to their carts immediately and be directed to the check out page within seconds.

This not only improves the user experience but also simplified the purchase process, and increase sales by getting the customer to the checkout page faster, preventing them from second-guessing.

Use the membership tier program to bring back old customers

Show some love to your members and give out exclusive discounts to them. A designed membership tier program allows you to segment customers, and give them some type of reward, whether it’s a discount, a freebie, or more. With benefits provided to customers can also strengthen brand loyalty and encourage them to buy more from you to move up in the membership program to get greater discounts.

Offer store credits to improve customer retention rate

Store credit can be a great financial incentive for customers, not to mentions, when you offer store credit, it gives the customer the opportunity to make big purchases. With SHOPLINE’s discount tool, merchants can provide different types of discounts, such as birthday reward, new/first-time awards, discount on a selected item, redeem rewards, and more, to attract a wide variety of customers and hone in on what drives the most sales. 

Use add-on products to boost the final purchase price

Display up to 5 related products as add-ons on the product page, one of the best ways to increase profits is to make the process of purchasing multiple products easy and frictionless. This will increase conversions and increase average order value, and directly translated to increased profits. 

Give out freebies when the purchase exceeds a certain amount

Who doesn’t love free and quality gifts? If it helps with the sales performance, it doesn’t hurt to give your customers some gifts when they check out. The goal is not to simply give away free items, you want to use the gift-with-purchase as a marketing and conversion tactic. In addition, it’s also used to add value to the receipt, and brand. 

Free shipping on special occasions

Last but not least—Free Shipping—it plays a big role in online promotions and is a powerful marketing tool that influences consumer behavior on a deeply irrational level. There is no doubt that customers love free shipping, building urgency into free shipping offers can help push shoppers to buy. When a holiday approaches, let customers know their last day to qualify for shipping and still receive their purchases on time. 


Hopefully, you have learned these six tips to boost your e-commerce sales, operate these marketing tools easily in SHOPLINE admin panel through intuitive and simple set up, and start growing your business!

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