SHOPLINE Outstanding Brand Awards 2022

SHOPLINE Brand Awards 2022

At SHOPLINE, we’ve just celebrated our 1-year anniversary in Singapore. To celebrate, we gathered some of our prestige merchants and partners for our SHOPLINE Anniversary Event, held at the William Pickering Ballroom in the award-winning Parkroyal Collection Pickering. 

While the rest of the world took a pause to deal with the virus, eCommerce grew exponentially due to the drastic change in buying habits that arose from lockdowns, circuit breakers, and the like. More customers shopping online means a huge change in eCommerce itself as well – with Retailtainment, Social Selling, and Live Selling, increasing in adoption. 

At SHOPLINE, this means that our first year in Singapore was a particularly significant one. As eCommerce evolved over the years, SHOPLINE has been right there, evolving with it as a Smart Commerce enabler. Today, our solutions span virtually every aspect of retail, from in-store Point-of-Sales systems, to eCommerce store builders, Social Commerce, Live Commerce, and Conversational commerce. 

Of course, none of our accomplishments would have been possible without our merchants. As such, we wanted to extend our greatest appreciation for some of our top performing merchants. 

Here are some key awards we presented to our select merchants.

Outstanding eCommerce Brand Award – Lush SG

Lush SG | SHOPLINE Outstanding eCommerce Brand Award 2022

Lush, the global skincare and cosmetics retailer wins our award for Outstanding eCommerce brand. With the ease of navigation and appealing images used across their product categories, Lush has perfected the eCommerce shopping experience for their customers. 


Outstanding Social Commerce Brand Award – Joe’s Outlet

Joe's Outlet | SHOPLINE Outstanding Social Commerce Brand Award 2022

Luxury retailer Joe’s Outlet, or more specifically, their live selling arm Paris Live Mall, has showcased excellent MoM growth and sales performance using our social commerce features. They make great use of SHOPLINE’s many fun and interactive live selling features, such as our Lucky Draw Vouchers, and Free Gifts features to encourage consistent viewer engagement. This has earned them our Outstanding Social Commerce Brand award. 


Innovative Business Model Award – Angliss Marketplace

Angliss Marketplace | SHOPLINE Innovative Business Model Award

AmpLive, the live streaming page for Angliss Marketplace, an online specialty grocer, has been given our Innovative Business Model Award. They’ve professionally combined streaming software with interactive SHOPLINE live selling tools to engage their customers on a whole new sales channel: live streaming. 


Outstanding Omni-Channel Experience Award – Love Pretty Plus

Love Pretty Plus | SHOPLINE Outstanding Omni-Channel Experience Award

The Outstanding Omnichannel Experience Award goes to the leading plus-size fashion store, LovePrettyPlus. They’re our premier all-rounder merchant, converting their customers through various channels such as their eCommerce web store, as well as via live streams. 


Outstanding Rookie eCommerce Award – Go It’s Ready

Go It's Ready | SHOPLINE Outstanding Rookie eCommerce Award

One of SHOPLINE’s eCommerce rising stars, GoItsReady, a retailer for interesting and “lip-smacking” food, has quickly adapted to selling online , showing incredible results and month-on-month growth. We’re looking so excited to see what they do next, which is why we’re giving them our Outstanding Rookie eCommerce Award. 


Outstanding Content Marketing Award – Sunxion Seafood

Sunxion | SHOPLINE Outstanding Content Marketing Award

Sunxion Seafood is an established local seafood retailer, with a strong physical presence. During the COVID-19 lockdowns, they quickly adapted to selling online via SHOPLINE. We have awarded them our Outstanding Content Marketing Award for their leveraging of existing SHOPLINE marketing tools to improve their business and reach out to more customers, producing exciting content for their brand in order to engage more customers online. 


Outstanding Brand Vision Award – Mdada Live

MDADA Live | SHOPLINE Outstanding Brand Vision Award

MdadaLive, an eCommerce multi-channel live-streaming company founded by local celebrities including Pornsak, Michelle Chia, and Addy Lee. They’ve taken Southeast Asia by storm with their entertaining and engaging livestreams, often conducting livestreams in unique and exciting locations like Paris, New York, and more. For that, we’ve awarded them our Outstanding Brand Vision Award!


Outstanding Interactive Host Award – Lee Teng Live

Lee Teng Live | SHOPLINE Outstanding Interactive Host Award

Lee Teng is a local household name in Asia, where he’s known as an award-winning bilingual television host and personality. Equally charismatic in his live streams as he is on TV, Lee Teng engages with his very loyal viewers in a personal way that keeps them regularly tuning into his streams. We’re giving him our Outstanding Interactive Host Award – nobody deserves this award more than Lee Teng!


Outstanding Growth Award – CZ Provision

CZ Provision | SHOPLINE Outstanding Growth Award

Starting off as pop-up stores in various neighborhoods across Singapore, CZ Provision soon turned to SHOPLINE to grow its audience online. Conducting multiple live streams weekly, they quickly took off online and garnered many customers who came in from their entertaining live streams. This soon led to their expansion in a permanent physical retail outlet, now powered by SHOPLINE’s Point-of-Sales system. We’re awarding them our Outstanding Growth Award!


Partner of the Year – 361 Degree Consultancy

SHOPLINE is awarding 361 Degree Consultancy, a consultancy firm, with our Outstanding Partner of the Year. As a software aggregator, they introduce software that serve the needs of their clients with unbiased recommendation to suit their unique business needs. Throughout the partnership, 361 Degree Consultancy has constantly recommended great merchants to SHOPLINE, all while ensuring that their clients’ business needs can be uniquely met by our solution. 


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