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Google Ads

Google, being one of the most prominent search engines, has a wide reach, and chances are you’ve looked for things you’re interested in on Google as well. This shows how essential Google Ads can be in driving visitors to your website and increasing your brand’s visibility.

So what is Google Ads and how does it really work?

Google Ads is a paid advertising platform in which you, the advertiser pay per click on an ad that you have placed. It also allows the flexibility for you to stay within your monthly budget and even pause or stop your ad spending at any point in time. Google Ads is especially useful for new businesses since it is more targeted and this allows quicker conversion than traditional and organic search engine optimisation (SEO) traffic. 


 Benefits of Google Ads with SHOPLINE

1: Increasing leads and customers

It is important to have well-planned keywords in order to boost relevance in Google search results. Google Ads also allows advertisers to target clients who are specifically looking for what they want. This means that the leads or customers you are directing to your website have a better probability of converting.

With a myriad of options that Google Ads provides, you can customise your campaigns and ads to suit your needs. By specifying keywords, your ads will only be displayed to people who search for the exact keywords. This allows your ads to be more targeted at customers who are indeed interested in your products or services.


2: Ability to control ads spending 

Google Ads gives you the flexibility to control your advertising budget by allowing you to control how much you are willing to pay based on a few criteria such as, how much are you looking to spend per month, per day or even per click. With these options, your return on investment (ROI) can potentially be higher due to the fact that your ads are more targeted toward users who already have the intention to purchase a product or service that you have.


Google Ads


3: Seamless update of inventory

If you are looking to have your products to be displayed to users, Google shopping ads will be the best option. Google shopping ads are more prominent as products are displayed just below the search bar, garnering greater attention from users. With SHOPLINE, we allow seamless updates of inventory between Google and your website. Connect your Google Merchant Center to make managing your inventory less time-consuming and also ensure that you do not lose a sale due to the lack of inventory.


4: Track how well your ads are doing

With Google ads tracking and Google remarketing tag that you are able to set in SHOPLINE easily, you can run ad campaigns effectively. The data that you have gathered will then enable you to refine your ads campaign further to improve the effectiveness of the ads. 


For merchants trying to increase their visibility and drive traffic, Google Ads will work faster and easier than SEO in terms of impressions and clicks. While working on the SEO of your site, you will be able to get sufficient information on the relevant keywords that you need, from running your ads campaign. 

If you are still not convinced, and wondering why you should be doing this, just remember that your competitors are doing it too! More than 80% of global businesses are already tapping on this to drive traffic to their sites




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