SHOPLINE brings AR solutions to eCommerce merchants with Nextech AR in 2022

SHOPLINE brings AR solutions to eCommerce merchants with Nextech AR

SHOPLINE brings AR solutions to eCommerce merchants with Nextech AR

With over 70% of Singaporean consumers more likely to purchase from a brand online if immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) are part of the experience, online retailers are under pressure to find AR solutions that are accessible, simple to use, and can integrate easily into their existing eCommerce platform. 

Ongoing restrictions from the pandemic have severely hampered in-store retail experiences making augmented reality solutions a necessity for online retailers. Immersive technologies such as AR allow retailers to closely imitate the offline shopping experience. In fact, 77% of AR users note that they use it to view product differences, such as seeing it in various colors and styles, but most importantly, they’re able to view the product up-close and in their own space. 

To support our merchants in augmenting their digital commerce capabilities even further, SHOPLINE has partnered with Nextech AR, giving our merchants access to high quality 3D/AR models for eCommerce through its scalable and easy to use AR solution.


AR is Changing the Sales Process

In the past, retail sales, especially for higher-commitment items like furniture, were largely driven by the try-before-you-buy approach, which often involves in-person demos that offered customers the ability to touch and experience products before purchasing.  

Immersive technologies, such as those by Nextech AR, allow online retailers the ability to replicate the in-person purchasing experience in the digital space. This partnership offers an array of enhanced 3D model and AR visualizations including; product hotspots, animations, 360+ exploded views, 3D swirl ads, configurator, 3D carousel, virtual staging and room decorator through its ARitize 3D solution.

Full 360 views or videos give customers a greater understanding and improved confidence when purchasing a product, as every detail is viewable and results in customers knowing products inside and out, and being able to experience them for themselves before purchasing.


It’s Crowded Out There – How AR Enhances Digital Advertising

With the average person seeing 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements a day, the cost of obtaining consumers’ attention has increased, making it imperative to offer engaging, impactful content. Many ads are static, or at most animated content, which can make it tricky getting your advertisement to stand out in such a crowded online environment. 

AR ads present merchants with a way to cut through the noise and make their advertisements more memorable. By allowing users to interact with the advertisement, each user will have a unique ad experience, making them an active participant in your brand and more likely to purchase. AR ads have shown to drive 85+ seconds dwell time, 20% increased interaction rates, and 33% improved CTR to purchase. 

SHOPLINE merchants will have access to Nextech AR’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered technology, ARitize 3D, which turns existing 2D images into high-quality 3D and AR content quickly and easily. This can be easily integrated into ads using Nextech’s ARitize Ads, as well as product pages to improve customer experience. 


Transforming eCommerce with AR Enhancements

SHOPLINE’s strategic partnership with Nextech AR will allow merchants to transform their eCommerce businesses with AR tools, promoting higher rates of engagement by allowing customers to personalize their own browsing experience. 

SHOPLINE merchants will have access to their key features, which include:

  • Product Configuration – this tool changes colors, textures, and arrangement of products in real-time, boosting customer engagement as they explore various product options. 
  • Virtual Staging – Easily switch up the environment, size and angle of items without the traditional hassle of equipment, lighting, props and more.
  • 3D/AR Swirl Ads – Break through the noise of endless promotions and stand out with AR swirl ads that encourage customers to get up close and personal with your products. 
  • Product Page Carousels – Nurture customer engagement by adding 3D models to your existing image carousel, adding an interactive layer and enhancing the user experience. 


A Holistic Digital Commerce Ecosystem to Support Merchants

In addition to providing immersive technology solutions through a partnership with Nextech AR, SHOPLINE is also a full-featured platform with services including online store opening, payment and logistics services, advertising placement, marketing strategy consultation, CRM tools, retail POS system, O2O solution and more to empower merchants to succeed in omnichannel retailing, social commerce and cross-border sales. From individuals to international brands, SHOPLINE provides complete commerce solutions and customised services to support all kinds of merchants.  



AR is no longer a far-flung concept that can only be utilized by large conglomerates. On the contrary, many AR solutions, such as Nextech AR, are offering attractive prices for eCommerce. There has been a large shift in the online retail space – it’s more crowded, and much more competitive. 

AR has been shown to be able to impact your customers at each step of their purchase journey, from ads to the product page. Find out more about SHOPLINE’s partnership with Nextech AR, and how you can increase customer engagement with AR solutions. 

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