Ride On the Omnichannel Trend and Sell Easily Online and Offline


Ride On the Omnichannel Trend and Sell Easily Online and Offline

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Brick-and-mortar establishments have been impacted in recent years by online commerce, and this was further aggravated by the pandemic when consumers could only shop online. However, this has created a whole new opportunity for traditional retail stores – omnichannel retail.

Creating Synergies Between Online and Offline Retail

There was a significant shift from offline to online shopping, especially during the pandemic when many restrictions were put in place. To keep up with current trends and opportunities in the retail industry, many businesses are adopting omnichannel solutions to enhance the shopping experience for their customers. 


When it comes to shopping online, most customers want convenience, thus many businesses are using the “Buy Online, Pick-Up in Store” strategy to improve the whole buying experience. Why “Buy Online, Pick-Up in Store”? Customers benefit from lower shipping costs, faster delivery, and the ability to return things immediately if they are dissatisfied with their purchase. It also increases footfall and potential sales when customers are collecting in-store and are likely to browse around for more products. 

What Can an Integrated POS Do For You?

With the increasing need for omnichannel solutions, having an integrated POS makes perfect sense! Here are some clear advantages of having an integrated POS to help keep your business operating smoothly.


1) Omni-Channel Selling

Having both an offline and online presence allows you to reach your customers no matter where they are. An integrated POS will help with omnichannel selling as well as order fulfillment by providing a store pick-up option if your consumers prefer it.


2) Inventory Management

Inventory management is a problem that many retail business owners confront when considering omnichannel solutions. However, with an integrated POS, inventory can be synchronised between channels and updated instantly anytime a sale occurs, whether offline or online. This means that you spend less time managing inventory.


3) Integrated Payment For Retail

An integrated payment system with your POS allows payments to be processed seamlessly and reduces human error as the payment amount is synced automatically to the payment terminal.


4) Customer Relationship Management

Customer data collection and reward programmes can get tricky without an integrated solution as being both offline and online frequently entail various methods of obtaining customer data. Sometimes, customer data may not be collected at all! With an integrated POS, you can easily collect customer data and streamline the entire customer experience. From tracking the purchasing habits of customers online and offline to awarding your customers membership points for every single purchase, an integrated POS can do it all. 

Find the Perfect Solution That Best Suit Your Needs

Find the right POS for you, whether you are a pop-up store or an enterprise with multiple outlets. Start selling with as little as a compatible tablet or iPad and you’re good to go! If your business requires a more complex setup, mix and match between the applicable hardware and configure it to your needs.


With digitalization occurring at such a quick pace, retail businesses must be able to keep up with trends in order to prosper. With the integration of omnichannel solutions bridging the gap between offline and online, it improves overall customer experience and, in turn, benefits the business.



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