Shopify vs SHOPLINE: Which is Better For You and Why? (2023)

Starting a successful e-commerce store in 2023 requires careful consideration of many factors, including choosing the right platform for your business needs. With so many options available, it’s essential to understand the details that can make or break your online store. That’s why we’ve done the work for you and compared two of the leading eCommerce platforms in 2023, SHOPLINE and Shopify.

In this blog, you’ll find a comprehensive and up-to-date comparison of these two platforms, covering everything from pricing plans and payment options to themes, message center, analytics and reports, sales channels, store management, EDM tools, conversion apps, and more. We’ll also highlight the unique advantages of SHOPLINE and a comparison chart to help you make an informed decision.

So, whether you’re launching a brand new online store or looking to make a switch, this blog is your go-to resource for choosing the best eCommerce platform in 2023. Let’s get started!


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Pricing Plans

Starting an e-commerce store can be a game-changer for your business, and choosing the right platform is crucial for success. That’s why we’re here to help you make an informed decision between two leading eCommerce platforms: SHOPLINE and Shopify.

While both platforms offer free trials and the option to upgrade for additional features, there’s a significant difference in the cost of their basic monthly plans. Shopify’s basic plan has recently increased 34% from $29 to $39 SGD per month, while SHOPLINE starts at a more budget-friendly $29 SGD per month. And when it comes to the advanced annual plan (monthly payment), the difference in cost between the two platforms is even more pronounced, with Shopify costing almost $200 more per month than SHOPLINE plans.

Monthly Pricing Comparison

Price* SHOPLINE Shopify**
Basic Plans $29 $39
Essential Plans $69 $132
Advanced Plans $259 $531

*Price in SGD
**Source: Shopify Pricing

If you’re in the market for an e-commerce platform, you’ll want to consider the value and features that each platform offers. And when comparing SHOPLINE to Shopify, it’s clear that SHOPLINE offers a more budget-friendly solution for your online store needs, and our paid plans are more cost-effective, starting at just USD 29/month.

Whether you need help navigating the complex world of product/service, or simply want to ensure you are getting the best possible deal, our team of consultants is here to help. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a consultation and experience the difference that comes with working with SHOPLINE, which truly cares about your success.

Start your free trial today and see for yourself why SHOPLINE is the smart choice for your online store.


Payment gateway and fees

When it comes to running a successful e-commerce store, transaction fees can have a big impact on your bottom line. That’s why it’s important to choose the right platform that offers low transaction fees and a streamlined payment process.

When comparing SHOPLINE and Shopify, both platforms offer lower transaction fees on their higher monthly plans. However, when it comes to Amex transaction rates, Shopify complicates the process by separating it from Singapore credit card fees. This results in Amex transaction fees ranging from 3.4% to 3.6%.

In contrast, SHOPLINE offers a simplified and more straightforward payment process, with Amex transaction fees matching those of MasterCard and Visa at 2.8% to 3.2%.

Payment Rates

Rates SHOPLINE* Shopify**
Credit card 2.8% –  3.2% 3% – 3.2%
Amex 3.4% – 3.6%

*Varies across SHOPLINE Plans
**Source: Shopify Pricing

Lastly, SHOPLINE distinguishes itself from Shopify by offering a comprehensive range of payment options. Not only does it accept credit card payments, but it also provides localized payment options such as Paynow, Favepay, Grabpay, and Atome. This means that online store owners using SHOPLINE can cater to their customers’ preferred payment method, thereby enhancing the shopping experience and increasing convenience. Empower their online business with SHOPLINE’s versatile payment options.

So if you’re looking for a platform that offers low transaction fees and a simple payment process, choose SHOPLINE. Start your free trial today and see the difference for yourself!



When starting an E-commerce store, you want everything to look its best. A good theme can make all the difference, taking your store from launch to success.

Both SHOPLINE and Shopify offer a variety of themes to choose from, but the biggest difference comes from the cost. Shopify themes can range from free to hundreds of dollars, with customisations adding even more expenses.

SHOPLINE offers a solution for business owners looking to save money and get the best bang for their buck. All of SHOPLINE’s themes are not only beautiful and responsive, but they are also free and highly customisable. They are built to the highest coding standards by leading designers and are optimised for search engines so that you can present your products in the best light possible to visitors and customers.

With SHOPLINE, you don’t have to choose between free themes with limited components or paying a premium price for themes that may not even match your store’s style. Try out SHOPLINE and enjoy the benefits of high-quality, free, and customisable themes today!

New Themes

SHOPLINE provides sellers with easy-to-use templates that can be changed in the wink of an eye. And it is suitable for cosmetics,clothing and other websites that display rich colors and diverse components.   This theme design is simple and chic, the layout is comfortable, suitable for a variety of styles. Sellers can display a large number of products through this theme.

Wink OS 2.0 →                                         Arise OS 2.0 →

Clothing and fashion


Impress →                                                Along →

Home and furniture


Expect →                                                Control →


Message Center: Chat Commerce

If you’re looking for a way to connect with your customers, establish strong relationships and drive conversions, then effective communication is key. Chat commerce refers to the use of chat platforms for E-commerce transactions through conversations by sending shopping cart links to create orders directly through Message Center. It offers consumers the convenience of shopping through messaging apps and eliminates the need to switch between multiple platforms. With the increasing popularity of messaging apps, chat commerce has become a growing trend in the e-commerce industry.

While Shopify provides a basic customer communication channel, called Shopify Inbox, additional channels come at an extra cost. On the other hand, SHOPLINE offers a comprehensive and free suite of communication options, including E-commerce, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram. Furthermore, SHOPLINE’s Message Center centralizes all your social channels, while its AI-powered Chat Assistant helps you save time by automating replies and providing pre-set ones. Choose SHOPLINE and ensure you’re equipped with the best tools for building a great customer experience.

Sending shopping cart link to customers in Message Center:

Key benefits of chat commerce include:

  • Convenience: Chat commerce enables customers to shop from the comfort of their own homes, using their mobile devices or desktop computers.
  • Personalized shopping experience: Chatbots can provide personalised recommendations and assistance to customers, making shopping a more enjoyable and efficient process.
  • Increased engagement: Chat commerce provides an opportunity for brands to engage with customers and build strong relationships with them.
  • Enhanced customer service: Chat commerce allows businesses to provide fast and efficient customer support, helping to resolve any issues or concerns quickly and effectively.
  • Increased sales: Chat commerce has the potential to increase sales by providing customers with a more seamless and efficient shopping experience.

Chat commerce is revolutionising the way consumers shop and has become an important aspect of the e-commerce industry. With its numerous benefits, it is likely to continue to grow and gain popularity in the coming years. 

Get started with your free trial now and join the chat commerce trend by connecting with your customers and visitors for an improved shopping experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your e-commerce strategy.


Analytics & Reports

If you’re a business owner searching for the ideal E-commerce solution, you may have stumbled upon a comparison of SHOPLINE vs Shopify. 

While both platforms offer reporting and analytics tools to help merchants understand their marketing and store performance, there’s a clear winner – SHOPLINE. Shopify, which has limited types of reports and a less user-friendly interface design, SHOPLINE provides comprehensive and custom reports for free. Plus, with SHOPLINE’s unique customer profiling data, merchants have the advantage of tracking customer behavior in great detail, allowing them to make data-driven decisions, optimise marketing efforts, drive growth and achieve business goals. To stay ahead of the curve, try out our 14-day free trial today.

Sales Channel

As a business owner, you have likely to come across both Shopify and SHOPLINE. Both platforms offer the convenience of multiple sales channels to help you reach a wider customer base and increase sales. However, if you want to expand your sales channels on Shopify through OneCart, you will have to pay extra fees.

On the other hand, SHOPLINE offers a more comprehensive solution, allowing you to sell not just on E-commerce, Social Commerce and Marketplaces but also through our POS system. The SHOPLINE POS system is designed to revolutionise your retail space and bring a seamless shopping experience to your customers. It integrates your physical shop, online store, and fulfillment center into one. With flexible hardware options available, SHOPLINE empowers you to boost sales from start to finish.


Store Management

While both platforms offer robust features for store management, SHOPLINE has several advantages that set it apart from Shopify:

Product variations

One of the key differences is in product variations. While Shopify only allows for three types of variations, SHOPLINE offers up to five. This is particularly important if your products require a detailed description of its variations For example, if a t-shirt comes in two sizes (small and medium) and two colors (blue and orange), it has four variants: which can be limited by Shopify’s three variations.

SHOPLINE Product Variation

Discount types

In terms of discounts and promotions, both Shopify and SHOPLINE offer various options such as percentages, fixed amounts, and free shipping. However, SHOPLINE goes a step further by offering unique discount mechanisms such as discounts on the lowest priced item, prices on multiple items, and free shipping on the lowest priced item, which are not available on Shopify. SHOPLINE also provides the ability to set maximum discount amounts and discounts for specific member tiers, offering greater control over discount margins and increased member engagement.

Fast checkout page

Another advantage of SHOPLINE is its fast checkout page, which allows merchants the flexibility to choose between a one-page or three-page checkout. On Shopify, this option is only available through an additional account. The fast checkout page (usually a 1 pager) on SHOPLINE is designed to match user behavior and help reduce abandoned carts, leading to increased conversion rates. 

An effective checkout page is characterized by certain key elements such as a straightforward display of the order information, the ability to check out as a guest, a variety of payment methods, multiple delivery options, and a transparent policy regarding shipping and returns.

Example of a fast checkout page:

SHOPLINE fast checkout page

Source: Converting cart


When it comes to apps, both Shopify and SHOPLINE offer a large selection for customising your store. However, the majority of Shopify’s apps come with a subscription fee, which can be costly, risky and if you encounter any problems with the app you have downloaded from the Shopify app store, the Shopify support team will not be able to provide assistance, as they do not have ownership over the app.

On the other hand, the majority of SHOPLINE’s apps are free and developed by our professional R&D team, offering faster iterations and greater compatibility for a smoother and more consistent site experience. If any issues arise, SHOPLINE’s support team is readily available to assist you.

Conversion Apps

SHOPLINE offers a variety of conversion apps to drive sales and improve the overall customer experience. All of these apps are free and have a full range of features to enhance the customer experience and drive conversions. In contrast, Shopify’s conversion apps are all paid for and have a lower conversion rate and are cumbersome to use.


Source: SHOPLINE App store

Currency conversion and Taxes

Lastly, both platforms support currency conversion, the estimation and collection of duties, and import taxes at checkout. However, Shopify only includes currency conversion in their advanced plan, while SHOPLINE includes it in all of their plans. Similarly, while Shopify requires Shopify Payments for duties and import taxes, SHOPLINE has this feature included in all plans.


Email Marketing Tool

With the global email subscriber count projected to reach 4.6 billion by 2025, Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) is a crucial tool for customer loyalty and retention, making SHOPLINE’s SmartPush a smart choice for your E-commerce needs.

One of the key advantages of SHOPLINE over Shopify is the comprehensive and cost-effective email and SMS marketing system – SmartPush. With a user-friendly interface, this in-house developed solution provides essential features such as automated templates, segmented contacts, and insightful metrics and reports.

SHOPLINE’s SmartPush allows you to customise your marketing messages to match your brand. With automatic membership data synchronisation, you can target specific customer segments with ease (A feature Shopify does not offer).

In addition, you can start with a free version with SmartPush which includes 500 contacts and 1000 monthly emails, and when your business starts scaling, you can consider upgrading to Shopline’s cost-effective plan for just $12.9 SGD (for 500+ contacts and 6000

monthly emails), which is a fraction of the cost of Shopify’s email marketing plug-in.

Key comparison:





Free Plan
Price* SGD 12.9 USD 16
Automation feature and template
Contact group segmentation
Metrics and Report
Remove Brand Logo
In-house developed app
Synchronised with Membership System

*Based on 500+ contacts


SHOPLINE’s unique advantages:

Platform Capability

Compared to other platforms, SHOPLINE offers users a complete solution (e-commerce, social commerce, POS / O2O and marketplace integration), while also meeting their individual needs. SHOPLINE integrates order management, customer management, product management, marketing management, sales channel management, data analysis and shop set-up into one comprehensive and efficient solution for any independent business model.

1. Localization

To cater for merchants in different countries and regions, SHOPLINE offers a range of localised logistics and payments, helping sellers overcome the barriers to selling locally.

2. App Marketplace

SHOPLINE app store has over 100 apps. Highly frequented apps have been selected and developed in-house to cover all situations that merchants will encounter with the website. Compared to third-party apps, the self-developed apps are faster to iterate on, more compatible and the website runs more smoothly and stably. 

SHOPLINE’s in-house 500 R&D team will accelerate the rapid expansion of the number and categories of apps in the app store to cover more merchant scenarios.

3. Merchant Success Team

SHOPLINE has a professional merchant success team that provides you if you faced any issues or get expert solutions for your store strategy. Supported by our R&D team of over 500 engineers supporting our merchants for better development efficiency and system stability, localised product testing and in-house development to avoid security risks. 

Meanwhile, SHOPLINE’s managed services help merchants with brand positioning, website development and project planning, helping brands achieve brand operations and lead industry trends by providing vertical solutions for merchants.



From these features, we have compared SHOPLINE and Shopify in some detail. SHOPLINE offers a more prosperous and efficient solution for merchants by meeting all your needs at a more affordable price.

With SHOPLINE, you no longer have to worry about hidden costs, multiple platforms, low conversion rates, or poor website support. Take advantage of the automatic migration feature and effortlessly switch from your current website to SHOPLINE with just one click. As SHOPLINE expands its presence in different Asian cities, our team is dedicated to supporting local merchants.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your e-commerce game. To stay ahead of your competitors, try out SHOPLINE14-day free trial today.


Comparison chart

A comparison chart to give you a more detailed and clear understanding of the differences between the two platforms:


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