Under Beth Wu’s leadership, MKUP enjoys 240% MoM GROWTH with SHOPLINE

Beth Wu has had great success as a marketplace seller and brand.com owner; her brand – MKUP, offers vegan friendly, cruelty free cosmetics and halal certified skincare products across Asia which makes it easily one of the most recognized make-up brands.  

Source: Screenshot from mkup.sg


While MKUP might have been a common sight in the offline retail channels, Beth and her team saw the need to enter the eCommerce space long before it became a necessity. The company realized that it needed to unify its operations to provide consistent business information to drive efficiencies and profit. However, adapting to the new environment was not easy. Beth had to learn the process of developing her website from scratch, notwithstanding social media marketing’s rapid advancement, she knew she had to regularly stay updated on website maintenance and upgrades which typically required large investment of funds.  


Beth and her team first encountered SHOPLINE in Taiwan but it wasn’t until SHOPLINE’s expansion to Singapore that convinced the team to make the switch. Beyond having a robust eCommerce platform, local support was a key factor for MKUP and the local team in Singapore had been supportive throughout the entire onboarding and post-launch phase. 

“Having used multiple eCommerce platforms over the years, SHOPLINE is really one of the best yet most cost-efficient platforms in the market which brings about strong return of investments as compared to building your own website from scratch”, quips Beth, brand owner of MKUP in Singapore. 

Since going live with SHOPLINE’s eCommerce and Social Commerce solutions, coupled with the team’s mastery of the platform, MKUP consistently experienced 100-160 return of investments (ROI) month on month (MoM) where their Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) experienced MoM growth of 240% and Average Order Value (AOV) increased 20% since launching in April 2021. The team also managed to achieve a commendable repurchase rate at 6.3% (Average repurchase rate stands at 5%). 


With a track record of success in launching and growing the MKUP brand on SHOPLINE, it paved a way for Beth and her team to establish Waggle, a company specialized in creating digital experiences powered by human creativity. The team’s proven online sales experiences are testament to their ability to help clients launch their online business and increase ROI with the SHOPLINE platform. 

Both SHOPLINE and Waggle are committed to making every brand a success when they enter the online retail space. Should you be interested to find out more about SHOPLINE and Waggle services, please feel free to reach out to partners.sg@shoplineapp.com or https://waggle.sg/.


SHOPLINE’s full-featured platform allows brands to easily build their online store and deliver a seamless omnichannel experience. Our key solutions include inventory and sales management, logistics and payment integrations, CRM, marketing and data analytics tools and social commerce solutions. Coupled with the access to a dedicated local team of experts, brands have everything they need to grow their business both online and globally.

About Waggle

Waggle creates possibilities through digital experiences powered by human creativity.  Our team is power packed with 15 years of combined experience in website design experience and 6 years in eCommerce sales experience. Given our first-hand user experience of SHOPLINE and eCommerce sales experience, we understand the challenges every business faces and would be able to offer practical solutions to make eCommerce a sustainable business enabler. 



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