Engage and connect with your audience to sell more.

Welcome to livestreaming! The latest online commerce trend that is simple and can be conveniently done from the comfort of your home with basic equipment. So grab your smartphone now and drive revenue in minutes!​

Start Selling LIVE

Before kickstarting your livestream, make sure that you have all of the basic settings in place. If your online store has already been launched, go ahead and begin setting up your livestream!​

Win the Hearts of Your Customers

Here are some tips on how you can level up your customers’ online experience with you.

1. Integrate chat automation

With the Chatbot Store feature, you can create custom messages and automate responses to your customers via Facebook Messenger which allows you to elevate your brands’ digital presence. Before setting it up, understand what a good chatbot requires and how to utilise it for your business.


2. Build a good communication

Customers always expect fast response time, and at the same time you have to run your shop?

With SHOPLINE Message Center, it is made possible to simultaneously manage both your shop and order messages!


3. Increase social media engagement

Not just about popularity, now it’s all about making connections with your current and potential customers.​

Interaction and activity is crucial to create a positive brand experience, as well as to develop meaningful relationships between you and your customers.

Boost Your Livestream

Looking for more traffic and livestream views? Through effective advertising, you can grow to be a social commerce star!

SHOPLINE’s Smart Ads System supports your marketing objectives. Learn how to easily create Ads and harness the power of AI to optimise your Ad Performance.

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